Identity & CyberSecurity Innovation World - The New Keys to Business Transformation & Trust | Sept. 24-26, 2018 – Marseille, France


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Update: June 18, 2018
DAY 1 – Monday Sept. 24 AFTERNOON
Identity and Cybersecurity Innovation World Smart Security Week Innovation Live
Keynotes & panels addressing transversal topics of the Smart Security Week conferences


Welcome Cocktail
DAY 2 – Tuesday Sept. 25
Track 1: Digital ID Techs Advances
Track 2: Trusted Digital Transformation
Digital Identity & ID Management ID for Digital Transformation
1/2 Consumer ID management
All-day: Exhibition & Demos
ID & Trust Verification Advances AI for Cybersecurity Management
(Jointly with Predictive Security World)
ID for Digital Transformation
2/2 Trusted Transactions
Exhibition & Demos
ID on Blockchain & Other Decentralized Models 2/2 IoT Certification & Trust Frameworks
(Jointly with Connect Security World)
Awards Ceremony
Gala Dinner
DAY 3 – Wednesday Sept. 26
Exhibition & Demos
Biometrics Implementations: Payments, Travel and more
Exhibition & Demos

DAY 1 - Monday September 24 Afternoon

Connecting the World with the New Privacy Reality
Heaven or Hell?
(Agenda preview: keep posted on updates)

Common to the co-located conferences forming Smart Security Week, the Grand Opening will be addressing the global move to put the consumer and citizen back in control of their data at multiple levels (citizen ID, customer ID, IoT devices ID, social network ID etc.).

This non-technical plenary session will explore both the latest privacy and data protection initiatives –policies, regulations, standards…– and their related societal and economic challenges.

On stage, several keynotes from high-level representatives of the EU, US, international organizations and other countries, as well as private sector representatives.

Smart Security Week Innovation Live
2.00pm: Exhibition Opening
Welcome Cocktail

DAY 2 - Tuesday September 25

9.00am - 1.00pm: Break-out Sessions | 10.50 - 11.20am: Coffee & Refreshments Break – Networking – Exhibition
Track 1: Digital ID Techs Advances
Track 2: Trusted Digital Transformation

Digital Identity & ID Management
Day 1
25 Sep 2018
David Ruana

Global Trends about the eID and Trust Services

● Evolution of trust services and new standards
● Authentication and electronic signature solutions
● Lessons learnt from large-scale eIDAS projects

David Rihak

eID Fundamental Requirements under a Microscope

● Concept of identity in ecosystem of independent services is fundamentally different to the identity used for a single service.
● New requirements for the seamless and efficient eID ecosystem (eIDAS, NIST, IDESG, DTA, Horizon2020)
● Detailed analysis of each requirement
● Practical application of all minimum requirements to create an efficient eID ecosystem

Oliver Väärtnõu

Estonian eID Future Development Paths (Title TBC)

● Weaknesses/Threats to the Estonian Digital Identity Ecosystem
● Smart-ID Service/SplitKey technology, its unique characteristics
● Future roadmap and ideas on Digital Identities

Salvatore Francomacaro

Standards in the space of ID Management, Security and Privacy (Title TBC)

“ID for Digital Transformation 1 – Consumer ID management”
Day 1
25 Sep 2018
Georg Nikolajevski

Addressing Business Challenges on Tightening e-Identity Regulations

● Tightening regulations on secure online authentication
● Importance of personal and corporative e-identity to replace outdated solutions
● Retaining business efficiency during customer behaviour digitalization

Carlos Sousa

Identity Management as an Enabler for Digital Transformation

● Identity Management is a primary digital business enabler for companies
● Proper Customer Identity Management is a leverage for Sales and Marketing
● Strong Identity Management is a requirement for GDPR compliance
● Create the foundation for strong IAM procedures inside your company

Josje Fiolet

Digital customer onboarding: security and convenience are two sides of the same coin

● Digital customer onboarding: main reasons of bad customer experience
● New entrants are challenging status quo
● Risk and security features can enhance onboarding experience
● Benchmark of onboarding practices across Europe;

Shaked Vax

Know Your (Digital) Customer in the Identity Theft Era

● How to deliver a high level of digital trust to your customer
● How to protect your data and your customers
● Discover the true meaning behind knowing your customer

Martin Claich

Subject Access Rights: GDPR Implementation Guide

● How organizations can get ahead in the new era of privacy and increased data subject rights
● Specific recordkeeping requirements for data controllers
● A roadmap and best practices for compliance

ID & Trust Verification Advances
Day 1
25 Sep 2018
Wes Kussmaul

Measuring the Reliability of an Identity Credential

● Identity Quality Assurance quantifies the reliability of an identity credential
● The Identity Quality score is publicly disclosed with PKI identity certificates
● Threshold ID Quality scores allow for individualized usage
● ID Quality is calculated from eight metrics that contribute to confidence in an ID Certificate

Joshua Peper

The Future of ID Verification Using Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning Networks

● The challenges of next-gen authentication & verification technologies
● Bleeding edge verification technology; using artificial intelligence & deep machine
● The need for change in the ID industry and the quest for better and transparent information

Jon Shamah

LIGHTest Automated Trust Verification: Helping to Make Good Choices

● How can we know whether a remote someone/something is trustworthy?
● LIGHTest EU funded project: Lightweight Infrastructure for Global Heterogeneous Trust management in support of
an open Ecosystem of Stakeholders and Trust schemes
● Automatic Trust Verification relies on 2 items: Individual Trust policy and Electronic Transaction

AI for Cybersecurity Management
(Jointly with Predictive Security World)
Day 1
25 Sep 2018
Doug Lhotka

No Silver Bullets – Cybersecurity in the Cognitive Era

● How cognitive technology can help with security
● Threats landscape, the growing migration from compliance to risk-focused security
● How to incorporate cognitive technology to help secure your organization

Dr. Ilesh Dattani

FINSEC: Protection of Critical Financial Infrastructure from Emerging and Future Cyber Threats

● Infrastructures of the financial sector are increasingly vulnerable to security attacks
● FINSEC EU project: Integrated Framework for Predictive and Collaborative Security of Financial Infrastructures
● Introducing a novel standards-based reference architecture for integrated (cyber & physical) security

Gerd Pflueger

VMware Appdefense – The Future of Application Security for Edge, Branch and DC

● Concept of “Goldilocks Zone” and “Ensuring Good”
● Difference to the established security solutions
● VMware AppDefense solution based on Hypervisor technology
● Usecases with NFV, IoT and EdgeComputing

Ina Wanca

I, Human: Cognitive Cybercrime Prevention Tools in the Domain of Personal Digital Security

● How do users make decisions that can expose them to cyber-threats?
● Deep dive into the human and psychological factors of the insider threat.
● Detecting cognitive biases in human cybersecurity behavior: user behavior analytics.
● Can cognitive learning applications help online users to self-regulate their cybersecurity behavior?

1.00 – 2.00pm: Lunch – Networking – Exhibition | 2.00 – 6.45pm: Break-out Sessions | 3.50 – 4.30pm: Coffee & Refreshments Break – Networking – Exhibition

ID on Blockchain & Other Decentralized Models 1/2
Day 1
25 Sep 2018
Jim Dray

Blockchain identity management (Title TBC)

Didier Serra

Building a Blockchain-Based Solution to Put Consumers in Control of Their Identities

● Digital identity is in a state that demands immediate change for the better
● Blockchain technology is capable of transforming the way data is stored and shared
● An ecosystem collaboratively developed by leading organizations can provide a solution
to the identity problem
● Making processes frictionless while keeping consumer data secure is achievable

Dr. Angelika Steinacker

IAM in the blockchain and for the blockchain (Title TBC)

Thorsten Niebuhr

From Silos and Warehousing to Just-In-Time: Disclosing Entity Relations

● From Data Warehouse to Data ‘just-in-time’: preventing silos
● Basics on Identity/ Entity Relationship Management
● The missing glue for decentralized Identity Management DIDM
● Authorizations vs obligations

“ID for Digital Transformation 2 – Trusted Transactions”
Day 1
25 Sep 2018
Jon Shamah

Interconnection with eIDAS using FutureTrust – Pilots status

John Erik Setsaas

Challenges with B2B Electronic Signatures

● Extending electronic signatures to businesses
● Trusted electronic signatures from an authorized signer
● Protecting business to business communication

ID on Blockchain & Other Decentralized Models 2/2
Day 1
25 Sep 2018
Dr. Ilesh Dattani

Blockchain for Public Good: A United Kingdom Viewpoint

● Testing DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) for enhanced delivery of government services to the citizens of the UK
● Requiring effective collaboration within and between the public and private sectors

Alexander Ristic

Identity Fraud – Challenge for Governments Worldwide

● Identity fraud and how to increase security on Identity
● Implementation of Blockchain as end-to-end security
● Decentralized systems can ensure sensitive data
● Identity check on Smart phone as an online service

Sid Desai

Next Generation Authentication: Bringing PKI Infrastructure to the Blockchain

● How Blockchain-powered PKI can make passwords obsolete
● The new, distributed standard of Public Key Infrastructure for the interconnected world: benefits, use cases and architecture
● No more passwords — no more break-ins
● Unbreakable, foolproof user authentication to protect your users, employees, and company’s data from cyber attacks

PANEL: Blockchain Based Identity Management: From Promises to Reality

IoT Certification & Trust Frameworks
(Jointly with Connect Security World)
Day 1
25 Sep 2018

Cybersecurity Act and the Impact for the European Smart – Security Industry

Ernst Bovelander

Assessing the Security of ‘Simple’ IoT Devices

● Security of ‘simple’ IoT devices explained
● Assuring the security of IoT devices
● How to develop secure IoT devices

Dr. Beatrice Peirani

Mobile Security with Software, Which Role for the Standards

● Mobile security by software
● The example of cloud-based payment
● The example of FIDO

PANEL: EU IoT Trust label / OR Cybersecurity from critical infrastructures to IoT devices

Gala Dinner

DAY 3 - Wednesday September 26

9.00 – 10.50am: Break-out Sessions | 10.50 – 11.20am: Coffee & Refreshments Break – Networking – Exhibition | 11.20am – 1.00pm: Break-out Sessions

Biometrics & Strong Authentication Advances
Day 1
26 Sep 2018
Georg Nikolajevski

Trends in User Authentication: How to Make the Most of Biometry?

● The role of biometrics in strong authentication
● Trade-off between security and convenience
● Risks of biometrical authentication
● Choice depending on your business needs

Yves Chemla

Multi-Biometry Authentication to Replace Passwords

● Is the password dead?
● Why Multi-Biometry?
● Why Behavioural Biometry a plus?
● Database anonymization process for preserving end user privacy
● Customer cases

Eugene Shablygin

Right Factor authentication – Not your grandfather’s OTP

● 82 percent of all breaches attributed to weak credentials
● Passwords declared “dead” in 2004, but there are 100 Billion of them in use today
● “Second Factors” costs businesses billions, and people hate them
● Align factors in the right order, beef-up security, save millions, and your users love you

Dr. Beatrice Peirani

FIDO Model for Certification of Strong Authentication

● Authentication with biometrics and second factor is coming on board
● FIDO is one of the standard that may become “the” authentication standard
● Certification is a must for security
● FIDO proposes a certification process to guarantee the security of the solutions

Gil Bernabeu

Trusted UI and Biometrics: From APIs to Certification

● What is really a trusted UI
● From standardized APIs to a Security certification
● Collaboration with IFAA and FIDO

Biometrics Implementations: Payments, Travel and more
Day 1
26 Sep 2018
Matthew Pruitt

Secure Digital Identities for Next-Generation Travel : Using Biometrics to Bridge the Gap Curb-to-Destination

● Face recognition technology have made biometrics a simple yet effective key for assuring identity transactions
● As the US government has adopted face recognition in the airport environment, travel for passengers has become easier and safer
● Using identity to secure transactions makes it easier to keep a log of activity and share with trusted sources to facilitate future travel
● Cross-country collaboration and innovation have led to stronger identity claims and trust between parties

John Erik Setsaas

Behavioral biometrics to adress the PSD2/SCA requirements

● How to simplify strong authentication for end‐users
● How banks can fulfill the PSD2/SCA requirements, without risking losing users
● Data‐driven authentication – based on multiple parameters
● Risk based authentication

Jonas Andersson

Biometric System on Card, Status of Trials and Experiences

  • Review of the current and completed trials involving Biometric System on Card (SoC) around the world
  • Common issues and opportunities identified in the trials
  • Biometric SoC applications in current trials: Payment cards, contact and contactless, access cards,
    physical and logical, and ID Cards
  • Next step in testing and piloting this new technology
1.00 – 2.00pm: Lunch – Networking – Exhibition | 2.00 – 4.30pm: Break-out Sessions

GDPR & Privacy protection
(Jointly with Connect Security World)
Day 1
26 Sep 2018
Martin Claich

How to Tackle the GDPR: A Typical Privacy & Security Roadmap

● Understand the requirements and importance of GDPR for privacy and security teams
● Learn how privacy management tools fit into an overall security ecosystem
● How to demonstrate ongoing compliance with GDPR and other regulations

Abilash Rajasekaran

Internet of Things made secure with Freedombox using Decentralized Architecture

● How to make data secure in Internet of Things
● Solving most of the IoT security issues
● Use case in accessing IoT devices even without internet
● Freedombox and IoT architecture

Pr. Florence Sèdes

Data Management Issues and GDPR in Information Systems

● Data science in the large
● Security and privacy by design
● State of the art and technologies
● New issues in data management: aggregation, metadata, profiling, grey sheep users…

End of the conference