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Estonian ICT cluster


Corporate Presentation:

Estonian ICT Cluster – Your Gateway to the e-Estonia Powerhouse. We help countries and organizations achieve world-class digital societies. Our ability to simultaneously improve policy, organizational processes, and technology sets us apart. One-stop shop for public and private sector e-services. Cluster partners are companies that have developed smart products and created many of Estonia’s world-recognized ICT solutions. Our partners’ bywords include efficiency, creativity, and can-do attitude. For them, the word ‘impossible’ simply does not compute.

Nortal is a multinational strategic change and technology company. Combining the unique experience of transforming Estonia into a digital leader and creating change in businesses with a strategic approach and data-driven technology, our vision is to build a seamless society. Nortal operates in nearly 20 countries and employs over 500 specialists who carry out high-impact projects across Europe, Middle East, Africa and the United States.

SK ID Solutions specializes in international e-identity solutions. We enable citizens of different countries to log into e-services and sign electronically. SK is included in the European Trust List as qualified trust service provider. Our services that meet the highest security standards and comply with the eIDAS regulation are recognized by independent conformity assessment body TÜViT. SK’s trustworthiness is proven by regular annual audits and our business is recognized with information system security certificate ISO 27001:2013. SK is the cornerstone of Estonian e-society, enabling over 200 million authentications and e-signatures yearly. SK partners the Estonian state in issuing certificates for identity documents. We cater to more than 600 private and public e-services, including financial, healthcare, energy and various other sectors. Over half of the Estonian population and more than a million people in the Baltics use our e-identity platform daily.
Main activity:
• Secure authentication and e-signature solutions (Smart-ID, Mobile-ID)
• Qualified certification (e-Seal) and Time-Stamping services
• Services trusted by the EU member states

Product Description:

We combine innovative IT solutions, strategic change management and new data-driven technologies to create revolutionary e-services for both industry and government. Our expertise continues to expand, evolving directly from our core areas of focus: 

Ease of Doing Business: designing simpler, more efficient digital administrative systems to accelerate the speed of doing business. Our proprietary solutions eliminate red tape to supercharge your economic growth. More info HERE.

Digital Healthcare: transforming traditional healthcare bureaucracies into streamlined, forward-facing e-health systems. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of medical IT products and solutions that will re-engineer your process for maximum effect and efficiency. More info HERE.

Electronic Identity: establishing trust and stability in the online realm. We create an authentic and secure environment that allows digital entities to interact with confidence, bolstering innovation as well as economic and social development. More info HERE.

Data Protection: helping you navigate the complex shift to big data in accordance with personal data protection laws. Our expert security solutions convert your compliance costs into a solid business investment, putting you ahead of the curve while lowering your operational expenditures. More info HERE.

Smart-ID – new generation eID
In 2017, SK made one of the fastest eID rollouts with Smart-ID: 3 countries and over 100,000 end-users in 2 months!

  • eSIM ready solution for strong cross-border authentication and e-signing;
  • accepted on the EU level – eIDAS and PSD2 compliant;
  • eID issued in one country can be used in another.

e-Seal – recognized all over the EU
e-Seal is used to certify electronically sent documents and prove their origin from the institution that sent them.

  • using e-Seal with a digital signature assures that the person is authorised on behalf of his organization;
  • substitutes paper seals – saves time and money;
  • SK is the first in the EU to provide qualified e-Seal on a QSCD to ensure the highest digital security.

Time-Stamping Service
Certify the existence of specific data at a certain point of time. Time-Stamps are widely used in digital signing, archiving documents and technical solutions marking log entries.

  • complies with the eIDAS for issuing qualified electronic time stamps;
  • digital signatures in ASIC-E format accepted all over the EU;
  • non-repudiation of data and documents.


Consult the demos description on this link.