Identity & CyberSecurity Innovation World - The New Keys to Business Transformation & Trust | Sept. 24-26, 2018 – Marseille, France

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The 14th edition of World e-ID & Cybersecurity marks a new stage in its evolution: born with e-ID credentials, then including digital ID and online trust challenges, the conference becomes “Identity & Cybersecurity Innovation World”.

This new name aims to reflect the increasing alignment of Digital Identity with Cybersecurity technologies, services and policies: stronger authentication and identification have become the cornerstone to counter the new threats of our digital, connected world such as cyberattacks, identity theft, privacy concerns or IoT vulnerabilities. Beyond government-issued IDs, Digital Identity has expanded to a set of data ranging from biometrics to social media profiles, including behavioural components. Strong Digital Identity has also become the starting point and an enabler of trusted digital innovation for all, citizens, consumers, enterprises and governments.

The conference will address this rich and evolving landscape of Digital Identity and Cybersecurity challenges at both technological and strategic levels as detailed in the following list of topics.

New for this edition, the government-issued credential technologies and schemes have now their dedicated conference: Government ID World. This complementary conference will feature several joint sessions with Identity & Cybersecurity Innovation World to address the topics common to public and private domains.

Approximately 80 speakers and panellists will be carefully selected by the Program Committee. Your participation will be indeed an ideal opportunity to share expertise, visions and foster research & development of Identity and Cybersecurity – whether by academia, government or industry cooperation with leading organizations from over 60 countries

First hot topics in 2018 include:
Next-gen Authentication & Identification: the challenge of providing seamless, secure, privacy-preserving identity verification, transactions, and data
Privacy, Pseudonymity and GDPR: impacts for enterprises and trust providers of the EU General Data Protection Regulation effective on May 25, 2018
Cybersecurity cooperation: public-private united responses to cyber threats, new Europe’s cybersecurity agenda and EU certification and labelling, US NIST recommendations, China’s Cybersecurity law…
– Europe’s cybersecurity agenda:
– Cyber Security Act and the new ENISA mandate
– PSD-2 and strong authentication
-Critical infrastructure, NIS1.0 and NIS2.0
Identity for Digital Transformation:  ID-based new applications and services to drive efficiency, new revenues and business models in multiple Verticals



From multi-factor authentication to strong identification technologies, solutions and practices:

► Biometrics and latest developments of matchin, capture technologies, etc.
– Face, fingerprints, voice analysis, iris patterns, vein matching, gait analysis and more
– Behavioural biometrics
– New application models like persistent authentication and shared biometric authentication

► Identity Infrastructures & models
– Security infrastructures: ICT, PKI, PKI 2.0, mobile and web PKI
– Federated ID, Cloud Identity, Mobile ID, Open Identity initiatives
– Self-sovereign ID
– Social login and Digital Identity platforms
– Identity assurance, real-time identity assessment

► ID on Blockchain; election & Blockchain

e-Signature: qualified or mediated

► Interoperability challenges
– Technology standards such as ETSI, TCG, ISO, GlobalPlatform, GSMA Mobile Connect, FIDO and others


► Identity Management / IAM / IDaaS
– KYC and Customer ID Management
– IAM and Customer Relationship Management
– From IAM to IRM (Identity Relationship Management)

► Managing Privacy and compliance
– Personally identifiable information (PII), Consumer ID protection
EU GDPR, e-Privacy.

► Fraud detection and monitoring method, machine learning to detect suspicious activity

► Economics of Identity and trust provision, Identity ecosystem trends


► Cybersecurity tools, methods, best practices
– Balancing privacy, security and usability
– Network Intrusion Detection System (NIDS), anomaly detection technologies in ICT systems
– Separation technologies and references on ICT systems
– Raising awareness about cyber threats, breach prevention

► Corporate security & access control solutions
– VPN Gateway, Indstry 4.0 & Security
– Cloud Services & Security

► Critical infrastructures & IoT
– Cybersecurity for Energy networks, Health, Transportation, Industrial Internet
– “Internet of Identity “, “Identity of Things”
– Security, certification and labelling of connected devices
– EU trust label & Consumer Electronics
– Base-Line Certification & NIS-Directive


Through ID-based new applications and services, Digital Identity drives efficiency, new revenues and business models in multiple Verticals:

► Banks and Fintech:  bank-issued credentials and identity management, AML (Anti-Money Laundering), PSD2 impact

►Retail and e-commerce: reducing friction, omnichannel customer experience, privacy enhancement

►Health services: unified patient profile, privacy, security cross border


►Industry & Manufacturing, Energy networks



Several sessions dedicated to public-private initiatives and synergies to strengthen identification and cybersecurity will be held jointly with the co-located Government ID World conference:

►National Cybersecurity strategies and bridge between other regions in the world: Europe’s Cybersecurity Act, NIST with NSTIC in the US PPP Programs US NIST recommendations, China’s Cybersecurity law

►Cyber Defense centers and services: CERTs, protection of organisations against cyber-threats and attack, awareness raising, etc.

► Europe regulatory changes: eIDAS, PSD2, GDPR, NIS, NIS Directive implementation, targets and milestones

► Security certification and labelling


The Program Committee is inviting presentation proposals from organizations that are designing/deploying/planning Digital Identity and Cybersecurity systems, solutions, services, practices: online identity and digital services providers, enterprise and government strategy and project planners, system developers, implementers, managers and industry leaders, and others with extensive relevant experiences and insight.

Additional Participation Opportunities

► Government ID World: share your expertise in public ID schemes for citizen service and protection at this co-located conference
► WORKSHOPS & TUTORIALS: focused workshops and tutorials on the hottest Digital Identity and Cybersecurity issues.
► SMART SECURITY WEEK AWARDS: Get prepared! The Smart Security Week Awards will spotlight the best trusted techs solutions. Finalists will be invited to the Awards ceremony. The Awards selection process will start in May 2018.


Please send your speaking proposals using the submission template.
Authors are invited to submit their proposals electronically to schanourdie(at)
If authors do not receive acknowledgment within 72 hours, they are kindly invited to contact directly schanourdie(at)
All speaking proposals must be original ones and should be informative and impartial. The Program Committee will reject commercially-oriented presentations.

Deadline for abstract submission: March 31, 2018 extended to April 10, 2018
Decisions and Presentation

Notification of acceptance or rejection will be sent to authors on May 2, 2018.
Authors of accepted presentations commit themselves to present their paper at the conference. In case of personal impediment, the speaking person should appoint the backup speaker.

Speaker’s registration

Registration fee is included in the Platinum, & Gold & Silver sponsor packages for one speaker. Regular registration speaker’s registration rate is €550 excl. vat. Speaker registration gives access to the conference & its proceedings, breaks and lunches, networking tool. Speakers’ travel and accommodation expenses are not covered by the organizers. Proceedings of the conference will be available at the opening of the event. Clear instructions about the proceedings will be sent to the authors of accepted presentations. The organizers commit themselves not to disseminate the presentations before the conferences.

Other important dates:

► Official Program Appearance: June 4, 2018
► Complete presentation for the proceedings: September 7, 2018


Chairman: Dr. Detlef Houdeau, Senior Director of Business Development, Identification Market, Infineon; Member of Silicon Trust, Eurosmart and BITKOM

Program Committee members: see online.